Guide to the Many Kinds of Coffee

Drinking coffee is a great way to start your morning, to give you energy, and it can be used as a means of relaxing and nurturing yourself. There are so many different kinds of coffees as well as ways that the coffee can be prepared that you can treat yourself to a whole new experience multiple times over.

Coffee Roasts

Most people don’t understand exactly what a difference the coffee roast can make in a cup of coffee. The roast of the beverage is the heart of coffee. The method that you use to roast the beans and the length of time used makes a different in how the coffee tastes.

When you look at coffee beans, you’ll see a dark or medium colored bean. But coffee beans don’t actually look like that from the beginning. When the beans are harvested, they’re green in color.

It’s the roasting that changes their color from green to the roasted color. When they’re green, they don’t have the aroma of coffee. This aroma is what comes after they’re roasted.

During the roasting process, the beans gain their flavor. The roasting process dries the bean out. There are different types of roasts that you can buy. If you get your coffee from the store, you’ll see the roast type labeled on the front of the coffee product.

When you see the roast labeled on the coffee, that’s referring to what color the bean is. You can have dark roast, light roast, medium or medium dark roast. The darker roasts can taste stronger, but they don’t necessarily give you any more caffeine than you get in the lighter roasts.

The difference in the roasting methods affect the taste and color and will determine whether your coffee has a stronger, more bitter taste to it. If you choose a light roasted coffee, it means that the method used to roast the coffee kept the flavor mild.

This difference occurs because the roasting time wasn’t as long as what was used for the darker beans. That means that you don’t bring the oil from the bean to the surface of it.

When you choose a medium roast as your coffee bean, you’ll notice that the taste will be stronger once you’ve brewed it. Medium roast is one of the more popular roasts among coffee drinkers.

When looking at these beans before grinding them, you may notice that there’s an oil sheen on the beans. Dark roasted beans have a noticeable amount of oil on the surface.

Out of the all the roasts that you can choose, this is the one that has the strongest bitter taste. Pay attention to the color of dark roast beans because the coloring of the darkness does vary.

If you get a dark roast that’s too dark, then your coffee will end up tasting too bitter for you to drink. Sometimes, dark roast beans can easily become burned, which also affects the taste.

All About Blended Coffee

When you want to have a blended coffee, it means that you have a coffee that’s been created from combining other coffees. Some people blend just one additional type of coffee to create a new blend, while others add more than one other kind of coffee to make a blend.

The reason people choose to blend coffee is that it gives them a new flavor. This flavor is often richer than making coffee from just one blend. When you blend coffee, it changes the richness, taste and aroma.

What essentially happens is that you’re creating a customized blend that is suitable to your taste. You can do this at home, but you can also find some coffees that are already pre-blended.

Blending coffees lets companies choose flavors that are out of the ordinary and stand out from all the more plain versions of coffee that you can buy. Some companies become known for these special blends.

The key to blending coffee is to make sure that you end up with a flavor that stands out. If you blend coffee and notice that it doesn’t taste any different, then the coffee beans were too in sync with one another and their flavors melded.

You can create your own home blend of coffee if you have the knowledge. You first need to understand where your coffee beans came from. Different areas where coffee beans are produced have different growing methods.

What tastes the same in one region, won’t taste the same in another. That’s why you can buy two medium roasts and they won’t necessarily taste alike. They’re grown in different areas and roasted using different methods.

If you want to blend your own coffee, you can simply use the trial and error method or you can find blending suggestions. Keep in mind that you don’t want to mix equal parts of the different coffee beans together unless you’re switching between roasts.

So that means if you decide that you want to use a light roast and a dark roast, you would use each at fifty percent to create a new taste. Otherwise, you wouldn’t follow the equal amount formula.

You want them to enhance each other. So you have to pay attention the ratio of each. The rule of thumb is to the blend the beans using a two thirds to one third method of similar roasts.

Don’t be afraid to try plenty of different mixes. Always start with what you know you enjoy drinking, and then ask yourself how you could enjoy it more. Does it need to be less bitter?

Would you like it to taste sweeter? Then you would pick your additional blend that offered those properties. Start easy with blending by mixing two, then add different beans to see what you can create.

An Assortment of Coffees

You can find coffee in a wide assortment. You can buy these beverages already made from your local coffee shop and enjoy a cup in the moment. Or, you can purchase beans that you can take home and grind yourself.

You can also find beans that are already ground and you just take them home and make them. There are dozens of different coffees and numerous styles that coffee can be made into.

One of the more popular coffees is an espresso. These are commonly referred to as shots – so the term has become somewhat interchangeable. They’re known as shots because that’s the count of espresso you can have in your cup.

If you have one shot, that’s single, if you get a triple, that means you have three shots of espresso in the cup. Some coffee drinkers assume that espresso is one of the many different kinds of coffee beans and that it comes from a darker roast.

Espresso does not mean coffee bean. It simply means the way that the drink was made. It’s a beverage that’s a lot thicker than coffee and it’s topped with foam. The difference between it and regular coffee besides the thickness is that espresso is a quickly made drink.

The making of an espresso also differs from regular coffee because of the amount of pressure that’s used to make an espresso. It’s this pressure that gives you the strength of the drink.

Espresso is referred to as a shot and most people assume that it means that the beverage has a much higher level of caffeine in it than coffee made using traditional methods do.

But that’s a wrong assumption. Coffee made using traditional means contains more caffeine – even though an espresso is more concentrated. Unlike traditionally made coffee, an espresso comes with foam on the top of top of it.

The name espresso is actually an umbrella term over which dozens of different coffee drinks are found. Many people think that a cappuccino is a separate drink than an espresso, but it isn’t.

It’s a type of espresso. When you ask for a cappuccino, you get espresso along with steamed, foamed milk in your mug. The bottom portion of your cup should contain the milk and espresso up to the halfway mark.

From there to the top is where the foam will be. You can get these with a varying degree of milk and you can also get them in different specialty flavors. If you ask for a mocha, that’s an espresso that has chocolate added to it.

This beverage is one of the more popular espressos. These beverages can also be flavored with different types of coffee syrup. Espresso shots don’t give you a lot of coffee, which is why some people order the Americano version.

This gives you the espresso but the recipe doubles the serving of water that you get. It’s still just as tasty but has less strength than a straight shot. If you enjoy the strength of the espresso, then you can ask for a macchiato, which is easy on the foamed milk and heavy on the espresso.

You can have an espresso strong or lighter just by asking for a difference in the amount of water that’s put in the beverage. More water means it won’t be as potent.

All About Lattes

Though you might think that these would be a different type of drink, they also come under the heading of espresso. But they’re often thought of as being different because they contain much more milk than many regular espresso beverages.

These drinks also contain the foam and steamed milk as well. You can get these drinks in differing amounts of foam and steamed milk if you ask request it that way.

All lattes can have coffee syrup flavorings added to them. You can choose from flavors such as caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, or cinnamon. There are also seasonal flavors like peppermint or pumpkin spice that you can add.

You can also request that your latte is made as a skinny latte. This is the diet version of a latte. You do get fewer calories, but you still get the same great taste.

The calories are shaved by cutting out the sugar. Instead of regular coffee syrup to flavor your drink, a skinny latte is made with the sugar free kind. Some people get confused with the difference between a caffe latte and a cafe au lait.

The simple difference is that one is an espresso and the other is not. A caffe latte is espresso with steamed milk. A cafe au lait is made from brewed coffee and has steamed milk.

Cold Coffees

You can buy cold brewed coffees at a coffee shop or you can make your own at home. One of the more popular cold coffee drinks is iced coffees. This is simply coffee that’s made with ice and flavoring.

The flavors that you can get are whatever coffee flavoring syrups the coffee shop offers or that you can buy for home use. Cold coffee is sometimes used interchangeably with the term iced coffee but they aren’t really the same.

The methods of making the coffees are different and the end result is also not the same. With cold brewed coffee, you get a stronger taste than with iced coffees. This is because the method for making cold coffee uses a slow way of creating it that locks in the flavor.

You can put the coffee grounds that you select in water and you let the grounds seep for however long the recipe calls for. This method causes the grounds’ flavor as well as the caffeine content to be released.

Making cold coffee using the immersion method is the easiest, fastest way to make this type of beverage. This method doesn’t give you that strong, bitter coffee aftertaste like heat brewing can sometimes give you.

You can also use a slow, ice drip method – but you do have to have a machine to be able to make cold coffee this way. If you want to make iced coffee, you want to make sure that it’s stronger than it normally is so that you don’t end up with a weak glass of coffee.

To get it nice and flavorful, you choose the coffee flavor and the roast level that you want. For every pound of coffee, you’ll need about two gallons of water. The less water, the stronger the coffee will be.

You’ll soak the grounds in the water and let them sit for about seven hours. Then strain out the grounds, run the liquid through cheesecloth to catch any floaters and what’s left will be the perfect iced coffee!

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